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A Seminar on the Innovation of Non-common Language Cultural Tourism Personnel Training Model under the Belt and Road Initiative Held at Jilin International Studies University (JISU)
Dec 20, 2018 02:25 PM   International Exchang Changee 审核人:

On December 18th, a Seminar on Innovation of Non-common Languages Cultural Tourism Personnel Training Model under the Belt and Road Initiative was held in the Global Village of Jilin International Studies University (JISU). The seminar was organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jilin Province, co-organized by the Changchun Tourism Association and Jilin International Studies University. Over 70 participants, including teachers of tourism management in Jilin Province, working professionals, and representatives of enterprises, attended this five-day seminar at our university.

Zhang Xingwen, Secretary General of Changchun Tourism Association, 

gave a speech at the opening ceremony

The seminar aims at expanding “the development path of non-common language talents training”, promoting “cross-border research and cooperation in cultural tourism and the language service industry.” In addition, it aims to foster innovation in tourism services along the Northeast Asian Silk Road under the Belt and Road Initiative. Meanwhile, through school-enterprise cooperation and exchange with various schools, a relationship among industry, academia and research will be established. This will contribute to the cultivation of high-quality tourism professionals in Jilin Province.

Mr. Wang Zhe, Director of the Quality Management Department of the Changchun Tourism Bureau, attended the ceremony. Mr. Zhang Xingwen, Secretary General of the Changchun Tourism Association, delivered a speech for the opening ceremony. Mr. Yang Junfeng, Vice President of our school, gave a welcome address on behalf of President Qin He. Ms. Wang Haiyan, Deputy Dean of the International Business Administration School, briefly introduced the schedule of the seminar. Mr. Zhuo Jun, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, attended the ceremony.

Foreign teacher Ifa Rolyna introduced Indonesian culture and language

Later on, Ifa Rolyna, a foreign teacher of our school, held a teaching and observation activity in Indonesian. After her demonstration, the participants better understood the teaching strategies employed when the students and teacher do not speak a common language, and made in-depth analysis on the effective fit of the non-common language training strategies of universities to the social need of such individuals.

The participants listened carefully to non-common language presentations

The seminar demonstrated how universities can further serve society, and it is of great significance to promote the development of cultural tourism in Jilin Province as well as to improve the quality of personnel training in foreign languages, tourism management, hotel management and other related disciplines.

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