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Two Disciplines and Five Specialties Were Rated as High-level Disciplines and Specialties with Jilin Province Characteristics
Dec 20, 2018 02:58 PM   Academic Research Office 审核人:

Recently, the appraisal work of high-level disciplines and specialties with Jilin Province characteristic has come to an end. After the on-site evaluation by experts, two disciplines, Foreign Language and Literature and Pedagogy, at our school were rated as high-level disciplines. Five specialties, English, Japanese, Translation, International Economy and Trade, and Italian, were rated as high-level specialties with Jilin Province characteristics.

The implementation of high-level construction plans is an important measure for Jilin Province to accelerate the overall level of college specialty construction and promote the development of higher education. Having two disciplines and five specialties of our school successfully selected as high-level majors with Jilin Province characteristics, reflects the achievement of strengthening the construction of specialty programs and characteristic development of our school over the years, and provides the construction ideas and future development goals for other specialties.

The school will take this honor as an opportunity to make persistent efforts to promote reform, assure quality and improve teaching levels. In addition, we will constantly strengthen professionalism so that all disciplines and specialties would march toward high-level and characteristic construction, which can lay a solid foundation to the improvement of talent training quality and the goal of building a high-level university.

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