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Confucius Institute Took Part in the Activity Held by Consulate General of China in New York
2017-05-06 23:04   审核人:

To promote China-US cultural exchanges, Consulate General of China in New York held an activity “American pupils going to Consulate General to know more about China” on May 6 (EST time). The staff at Confucius Institute of Huaqiao showed Chinese paper-cutting skills to American pupils.

More than 200 students, teachers and parents took part in this activity, which included paper-cutting, calligraphy, Chinese-knot-making, dancing with fans, dumplings-making, etc. It also got support from relevant organizations including some Confucius Institute in East America and a local Chinese Teachers Society. Huaqiao’s Confucius Institute was responsible for paper-cutting demostration. Yin Xiuli (Chinese dean of the Institute), Bai Yingjie and Wang Shiwen (its Chinese teachers) and visiting scholars Jia Xianwen and Zhangli were present at the activity. With the help of teachers, American students learned how to cut paper into different shapes. The Confucius Institute of Huaqiao also gave a paper-cutting work “Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs” to American teachers as a gift, in the hope of spreading Chinese traditional culture.

Zhang Qiyue, Consulate General of China in New York, delivered an address, “I believe, with joint efforts, more and more American students will come to study in China, thus laying a solid foundation for China-US friendship and world peace”.

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