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The Activity of “Creating a Harmonious Trip during the Qingming Festival ” was Conducted by Volunteers of HQUFL
2017-04-07 20:24   审核人:

In order to respond positively to the call of the municipal party committee, during the short vacation of the Qingming Festival, our school organized more than 20 volunteers to carry out the volunteer service activities in the Changchun Railway Station.

The volunteers, wearing a red hood and vest, respectively served in four positions at the station, including: the B1 and B2 service desks under the ground of the North Square in front of the station, the North Plaza, and the southern square of the station. They provided guidance for travelers and helped special needs passengers carry their luggage. The volunteers, who are very committed, thoughtful and patient, not only provided a convenience for passengers, but also achieved their own goal by conveying the spirit of volunteer work.

Volunteer, Hua Yechun, encountered an elderly when she was working in the South Square of the station. The elderly woman, who was carrying two bags, was frustrated because she did not know how to take the bus. Hua Yechun took the initiative to help. She escorted the woman all the way to the Kaixuan passenger station and helped her buy a passenger ticket. After that, she did not leave until the elderly woman passed through the security check. She said, "After the grandmother passed through security she showed me a grateful smile. At that moment, I was very happy.”

The outstanding performance of the volunteers has won the praise of visitors, and also has gained the full recognition and praise from the Youth League Committee of the City, under the Authority of the Changchun Railway Station. Their performance is a beautiful picture of the heart of the Changchun Railway Station.

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