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Jaafar :Education is an Excellent Art
2017-04-10 20:36   审核人:

For one of his classes, foreign teacher Jaafar moved his oral English class to the stadium. He took the students to do warm-up exercises, play football, play games, and exercise their foreign language communication ability in a specific language environment. This novel classroom form fully stimulated the students’ desire to learn.

“We all like this kind of class environment because we can acquire knowledge while playing. It also lets us know more about how to use oral English in interpersonal communication,” said Liu Zhiwei, from class 1601 of pedagogy.

"This kind of teaching method has great significance, which not only improves the interest of students in oral learning but also teaches them through specific life situations. This is beneficial to the practical application of spoken language," said Ma Ying, assistant dean of the English education department.

Jaafar was born in Iraq. At the age of 10, he immigrated to the United States with his parents and settled in New York. In September 2016, he came to Huawai.

He is conscientious as a teacher and has in-depth thinking and continuous innovation. His lively language style and humorous classroom atmosphere are widely praised by teachers and students. Jaafar graduated from one of the oldest universities in the United States--Michigan University, which is known as the "Common Ivy." He believes that teaching is not a job but an art, and "Education is an elegant and wonderful art. The teacher, through lectures, transfers knowledge to students. The process itself is the charm of the art, and what I should do is to distribute this charm to the limit.”

Therefore, Jaafar always tries to make the classroom full of fun as much as possible. When teaching, he will use exaggerated facial expressions and physical movements to impact the class atmosphere.

“I think the class design should start with the students and we should develop appropriate teaching strategies according to the students' own characteristics and knowledge needs. This form of innovation is able to fundamentally improve the enthusiasm and interest of the students so we can achieve the desired classroom effect.”

Jaafar has a deep sentiment for Huawai. "Huawai is my second home. We have a comfortable apartment and a variety of Chinese food. In myspare time, I like to go swimming, play soccer, read books and enjoy the warm sunshine in the afternoon. I like the winter here. The vast expanse of the campus is very beautiful and I love every blade of grass and every tree here,” he said.

Concerning the teachers and students of the school, he gave a high degree of evaluation: "Huawai’s teachers, both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers, have a  high comprehensive level of teaching and a strong sense of responsibility. I am amazed by their professionalism. I also love my students very much. They are very hardworking and diligent in thinking and asking for advice, which is extremely appreciated by me.”

In regards to learning, Jaafar also made a fair proposal for the students. “Sometimes, students should strengthen cooperation between each other, and the group learning methods are often able to get better learning results. In oral learning, students should practice pronunciation and intonation more. They should be more confident and bold to communicate with foreign teachers. This is the only way to improve the oral English in communication.”

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