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Confucius Institute Day Series
2017-09-28 10:30   审核人:

September 25th through 28th, 2017, Huaqiao Confucius Institute at New Jersey City University held a series of Chinese cultural events celebrating Confucius Institute Day. The series presented a photo exhibition of the Student Delegation trip to China, martial arts demonstration, calligraphy, painting and paper-cutting.

China Photo Exhibition

The series began with the Photo Exhibition. Firstly, students watched two videos: “China Impression”and “Student Delegation Visit to Huaqiao, Changchun and Beijing”. Then the delegates shared their stories based on the photos taken from China. Finally, Huaqiao volunteer, Xuyang Jiang, interpreted eight modern cities in China, compared the modern and ancient silk road , and the four great inventions. The exhibition lasted four days and offered a window for the Americans to know more about China.

Martial Arts and Tai Chi Show

     The second day was martial arts and Tai Chi show. A martial art movie clips video was played at the show. Then CI teacher Kuo Li and his student from Liberty High school showed five step stances. Finally, Changrong Sun, the 12th generation descendant of Chen style Tai Chi Quan, demonstrated Tai Chi fan, Tai Chi sword and Chen style Tai Chi 18 stances. All CI teachers wore Taichi clothes and took part in the activity.    

Calligraphy and Painting

     The third day began with a video, which helped the students learn the basic knowledge of calligraphy—famous calligraphers, categories  and the “Four Treasures of Study”—rice paper, ink-stick, brush pen and ink stone. CI teachers demonstrated how to use the brush to write the Chinese characters and how to make plum blossom ink painting. NJCU students, staff, faculty tried to write many characters including “” or “long” meaning “dragon”, and “” or “fu” meaning “luck” and enjoyed making ink-painting.


The fourth day was paper-cutting. The CI teachers exhibited many different kinds of patterns of paper-cutting, including Chinese Zodiac. The students from Innovation High School was invited to experience paper cutting. They learned the development of the art of paper-cutting and tried to cut 3-D “”or “chun” meaning “spring” and “双喜” or “shuangxi” meaning “double happiness”.  They also learned how to write the Chinese character “”. Thus Chinese language learning was integrated with culture learning. This made a good example for incorporating teaching into play.

The Confucius Institute Day series presented an opportunity to share Chinese language and culture with diverse NJCU community and beyond. This can help promote the exchanges and mutual learning between the peoples in China and America.


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